Throw your ideas at us and let's see what sticks!

The Idea

It all starts with an idea...  a picture, a saying, something that is unique to you and your audience.  Whether you are a household brand name or a weekend family reunion, everyone has a special and unique connection to make.




We take in your pictures, thoughts, slogans, sketches, etc... and with the information provided by you in your email or from our Contact Us page, we will give you our thoughts and begin to mock up your design.

Design Approval

This is where the fun part starts... once we have nailed your design we will send you a finalized mock up for your final approval.  You will give the "go ahead" on everything from the type of garment being printed on to the design sizing and colors to be used. 

Quote Approval

Now that your Custom piece is finalized... we can give you an accurate quote on how much each one of your prints will cost.  With every design comes a wide array of variables which makes a simple generic quote difficult at times.  Rather than give you a unrealistic price upfront we do it once you have decided on your design.  You will be emailed a Customized Quote which will need to be approved via email prior to production.


If you would like to see our price sheet for reference, you can download it here.

Production & Delivery/Pickup

Printing Production

We know you don't want to wait and... we don't want you to either.  Our typical turn around time is 10 business days from ALL FINAL APPROVALS, however, we aim to please and if your job can be ready sooner you can bet it will be.



pickup and delivery

Hot off the press... we offer both Shipping (USPS, UPS, FedEx) and Pick Up options.  We need fresh air too so if you are close enough jumping in the car and meeting you close to home or work is an option too!